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We do a lot here and with plenty of purpose! I wanted to share with you that as a young girl, writing was what made me feel like a superhero. I really got stoked that I could tell stories of things and places I’d never experienced, then (like the nerdy girl I was/am) impress my teachers with them. Being a mother has tapped into my love of storytelling and I not only enjoy blogging here to help you feel some solidarity in this whole mommy thang, but to also give you an opportunity to learn your voice. Check out The Goods below to see what I can do for you!

Content Writing

If you are reading this, we are probably in the same boat with our Instagram accounts pulled up, curating our grids, and lining up the next post. Or we are up late working on our websites while everyone else is asleep — perfecting content and honing in on our brand. We know the grind. And sometimes we need help.

Mompreneurs shouldn’t have to do this alone. If you have a business as well as juggling your family life, social life, and Netflix life, it’s okay to ask for a lifeline. Good thing I love to write because you probably need more content than you have right now on your platforms. You may even need a little finessing, some fresh product descriptions, or someone who can blog for you.

My background includes writing for, but not limited to: The Dallas Morning News, Plano Magazine, Native American Natural Foods (creator of the Tanka Bar), The Terrell Tribune, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty, Sonya Jevette (musician), The North Platte Telegraph and Eden's Organic Farm. My work has appeared in People Newspapers, PaperCity, DECASO, and F!D Luxe. Other corporate freelance contracts include writing and editing for Aegis Therapies and Men's Health Network. I have given, and continue to volunteer, my time and experience to multiple small businesses and entrepreneurs.Here’s a snapshot:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Arlington

  • Communications Minor with concentration on Journalism

  • Over 17-year history of professional journalism (print and online) including editing and reporting

  • 14 years of social media experience

The best part is we can relate to each other which makes things easier. Let’s grab a cup of coffee, hunker down, and get serious about reaching our goals.

Consultation Investment

If you have a project that you need assistance deciding where to start or how to flesh out new ideas, I can help guide you. There is an initial $75 consultation fee to help you figure out the best route for your endeavor. Consultation fee is due upon booking and is for up to one hour. Additional time is $30 per hour and can be paid at the end of consultation. Once we have established what you need, my starting rate for writing and editing work is $50 an hour but is negotiable depending on the project duration and budget circumstances.

Coaching Session


“Jenice is a sage of writers! And I was absolutely blown away by her spiritual gifts. She was able to nail my fears right off, and point out where I was holding back in my writing. Being a strong woman, it takes someone confident enough in her own abilities to call me out. Jenice is just that woman! An awesome writing coach. I feel honored to have worked with her.” ~ Terri L. Jones, aspiring writer.

I’m going to give it to you straight. The writing process isn’t just about the black and white of technicalities, grammar and spelling. It’s not just about what a writer wants to convey. Writing is an effective way to tap into innermost feelings or issues and break free from what may have restrained a person from expanding. It is a tool that helps individuals seeking personal growth and removes obstacles that can plague many aspects of a person’s life. Writing can truly be a healing process. Let me be your guide, friend, and soul sister through it.


Your first session is two hours at one rate of $200 which includes three scheduled phone calls for follow-up. And this also means that if you decide to work with me on a regular basis, my hourly rate is 20% off just for you. I am located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and sessions can be facilitated via phone but video is preferred if you are not looking to meet in person. If you are outside of this area, we can discuss further options if you’d rather have sessions face-to-face. If you need more of a nudge, read some of my recent published work before you book and read my resume too!


Art Is Life & The Story

There are so many milestones we experience in our lives and each and everyone plays a part. How are you documenting those times? Are you creating a space offline that holds the story of you or your family?

This is where I come in because storytelling is kinda my jam.

I have over 17 years of journalistic experience — writing and photographing moments. This time around I am offering up a premium service. I am using my gifts to tell YOUR story or those of your loved ones. The complete package will come in a high-quality book to pass down to generations to come. 


Time moves so fast and we have to freeze time whenever we can. 

Let me help you do that. 

For pricing and more information, fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

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