Four reasons why KidBox stylists might be psychic

Four reasons why KidBox stylists might be psychic

I know I have written of our love of KidBox before but today I really need to let you know they must be hiring the most in-tune people ever to be their stylists.

First of all, I realize that they give us the style quiz and a place to write things in to explain what kind of kiddo they are styling but our last box was so on point it was impressive. All of the outfits really fit Miah’s personality. Here are a few:

They nailed it with these because Miah is super active—rough and tumble but loves feminine stuff, too. The eyelashes on the cat shirt to the left always makes her smile and she points to the cats on her pants when she wears this ensamble. As for the DKNY sparkly two-piece, the skirted shirt is her favorite thing.

The summer box is our latest delivery and it is even more honed into my kiddo’s style and my panache for variety than the last one so I decided to list the four reasons why KidBox seems to have intuitive power! But if you want to skip to the video of our unboxing, you can totally do that too. Note: All clothing mentioned appear in the video.

1.) The box included a bathing suit

So, yea. This is a summer box. Sure there was a chance of having a swimsuit in the box BUT I had been going back and forth on what kind to get Miah. We needed one ASAP but I hadn’t bought any. Lo and behold the right one came along in our box! Black and white with some color splashes.

2.) They understand what a “good mix” means.

Like I mentioned before, Miah is rough and tumble so she needs activity clothes that fit the bill but also was a bit feminine. I stated all that jazz on her style questionnaire and mentioned that she adores frilly things as well. So not only did we get no-nonsense sporty clothes (Adidas), we also got a sweet little sparkly aqua tutu! All of it was a good mix of things that worked for us.

3.) They include fun stuff like temporary tattoos!

This is the uncanny thing. We just went to went to an art festival where my husband said, “I sure wish Miah would sit still to get her face painted!” Boom, now we have temporary tattoos. Ha!

4.) There’s at least one item that has just the right touch.

My mother made me the cutest black and white polka dot dress when I was in my 20s. I no longer have it but Miah’s KidBox included an almost exact replica of it! Super uncanny.

What is even more special is that if we keep everything in each box, KidBox clothes a child in need. Because we’ve loved all the items in the last two boxes, that’s two children already! Join in on the fun by watching our unboxing video below and see all the goodies she got! And be sure to get your own box with this link — you’ll get $25 towards your first box: #unpackhappy!

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