Get your baby to jam on these teethers

Get your baby to jam on these teethers

I spotted Jam Naturals teething jewelry on Instagram and after buying other teething pieces, I really wanted to try these because they were more unique to what I've been wearing. I loved that they combined natural wood with fabric. Highlights:

  • All natural

  • Untreated wood

  • Organic cotton

  • No plastic or silicone

  • 100% safe for babies to chew on

For me, teething jewelry is a safe way to wear -- well -- jewelry. I love accessorizing and miss it when I am with my little owl, Miah. She has a bit too much fun trying to take off all my stuff in order to chew, of course, but also to yank off for her enjoyment! I needed something that was safe for her but also gave me SOME form of fashion when I wore it. I chose the Raven color scheme for our necklace and Ocean for the bracelet. When my package arrived it was bundled with care and sweetness. 

jam naturals teethers

But someone didn't get the memo that I was the one who was technically supposed to wear these goodies and that certain someone had a field day. She grabbed and marveled over each piece. And as far as the necklace, she likes to wear it WITH SUPERVISION. As with anything, I want to reiterate these necklaces are not to be handled by your little one unsupervised. We obviously like taking photos around here and this scenario lasted all of two minutes! 

Quick celly pic because Miah doesn't always stay long for the real camera!

Quick celly pic because Miah doesn't always stay long for the real camera!

Miah also enjoys clanking the bracelet around because the wooden rings make sounds as they move around the beads or on surfaces. It is perfect to hand her during diaper changes. She usually just inspects it with intensity, taking note of all the shapes and movements it makes in her hand. And I get to actually accomplish the task! Also when she chews on it, I found that her reaction to the taste is more curious and unexpected. Not plastic-y!

jam naturals teething bracelet miah sheree

And here's me ACTUALLY getting to wear this cute stuff!

jam naturals teething jewelry

Overall I enjoy this because I wanted to be sure I could mix things up. I'm not big on matchy-matchy so I opted for two contrasting color schemes. I liked that I had several options to choose from and the beads looked cool. Yea, I said cool. That's still an acceptable word, right? I'm old... Anyway, it is also super easy to clean -- just gently wipe with water and antibacterial soap and air dry. That's it! They are also really responsive on Instagram. Be sure to tell them I sent ya! 

Jam Naturals teethers + friends are better, together

Jam Naturals teethers + friends are better, together

Hello, clean mouth!