Striking the perfect pitch

I really was considering writing this under the Products We Love section of this site, but this product happens to be almost as old as me. When I was a kid my dad bought my mom, himself, and me this harmonica. I don’t even remember why really.  


But I've still got mine and dug it up at my parent's house recently. It was such a welcomed discovery because Miah is one kid who needs a lot of entertainment, interaction, and varied play. And nope I have no idea how to officially play the harmonica. I blow out a few tones and breath in and out. Originally Miah was only slightly intrigued but last week she was mesmerized.

So here is where there should be a photo of her bemused face, how relaxed and appreciative she looked. But I’m happy to report in the world of instant posts and cell phone cameras, I wanted to live in the moment of her reactions. She curled up on my tummy, sighed, and listened to my improvised playing. She looked at me with so much adoration for each sound. Most importantly, she was still. I was in disbelief because moments like this don’t happen very often and I took it all in  especially considering that, as I mentioned before, I don’t know how to play this thing! 

There was such a magical feeling to how her little being took in that time we had, which didn’t require a selfie but yes, a later blog post!

It’s sometimes hard to remember how important it is to just shut everything off.  


A day in the life of mommy epic fails

There are a lot in times in new motherhood that I am completely in awe at how fast the days go by and that I manage to come out of it alive! And the fact that things that I didn't really think about before or didn't have patience for are now happening to me. 

One of those things is being that mom who needs the changing table in the one stall bathroom. I have definitely been that person on the other side of that bathroom impatiently wondering why it is taking so long. Now I'm the woman on the inside. I recently found myself saying out loud towards the door at the person waiting on the other side, "It's going to be a while. I'm changing a baby!" Also? Why did the changing table NOT have liners? Just bags for the poopy diaper. Luckily I always keep a liner with me. But this was the mother of all days where that was the most prepared thing I had...

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Art Is Life Motherhood

 The following is a repost from my Art Is Life Studio blog. At the time Miah was only four months old. Starting off new here on this page is a bit of an adventure in and of itself. I felt that I really needed to preface it with where my head was when I decided to start this website. Not sure where it will go but here’s to taking the first steps.

First off, I heartbreakingly left my position at Native American Natural Foods after nearly eight years with the company and I closed up shop at my location in Yeager Office Suites of Plano. During this time I've been in complete awe of Miah's rapid growth, strength, abilities, and beauty. But as you can imagine, making the tough decisions I did was a big deal. A MAJOR DEAL. I know what I imagined....and it was idealistic. I pictured raising her at the studio almost immediately and working my marketing job at the same time.

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